Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Sugar Bear, Selena and Momma.  Three Peas in a Pod.  Way more alike than we'd ever admit. 

Happy Mother's Day to my gorgeous Momma!

Sassy and Sexy

Southern Bell

Goddess in the Kitchen

Mahjong Master

Social Butterfly

Amazing Event Planner

Dancing Queen

Life of the Party

Best Momma a girl could ever want.

I love you to pieces and miss you like crazy!! 

See you in September!

Nanny Booboo

And to my Sugar Bear, you are my heart.  

Thanks for making me the proudest Momma ever!

I can't even wait to see you next week!   

Be prepared for a Momma bear hug when I spot you at the airport!  Fair Warning!!

We are going to have so much fun.  

You are going to love England!!


Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing Mommas and Daughters out there.



  1. Happy mother's day! I love that photo - how lovely to have the three of you together looking so glam and pretty!

  2. what a treat that you get to see your daughter so soon! happy mothers' day :)

  3. Selena your daughter couldn't look any more like you. I hope you have a wonderful time with her here :)

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