Friday, May 18, 2012

I Spy Friday featuring Calais

On Wednesday, we decided to take advantage of the sunny day and
pop over to Calais for lunch.

(I can't even type that with a straight face.)  

How cool is it that we can go to France for lunch?

Pinch me!

We caught the P&O Spirit of Britain ferry in Dover for the 90 minute trip across the channel.  


The ferries are a great way to travel.  They are large with shops, bars and restaurants.
You can take your car over or just walk on like we did.  

Goodbye, England. 

Bonjour, France!

There is a bus to take you from the ferry terminal into the town center, 
but it isn't very far and you could walk it if you're so inclined.  (I picked the bus.) 

Calais used to be a very popular spot for Brits to visit to stock up on inexpensive beer and wine, but the Euro has changed all of that.  There were just a few tourist scattered about.

There was a little market that was just closing down when we arrived about noon.  
But I managed to pick up this scarf.  

I love it because it has the US and UK flags together.  Just like me and TE.  
(Cheesy, I know, but France is known for it's fromage, right?)

First order of business was some grub at Cafe de la Tour.  (It must be blasphemous to call French food "grub.")
We may or may not have ordered three entrees between us.  But we'll just pretend one was the starter.  
TE had mussels and we shared the other two...
fresh bread with walnuts and roquefort cheese, toasted with sliced pears
 and steak au poivre (with pepper sauce).  
The gorgeous salad and fries rounded everything out.  
It was so good!  How do you say nummy in French?

  After lunch we strolled through town.  
You have to switch over to European time and plan accordingly.  

Most of the restaurants only serve lunch from noon until three and then reopen for dinner after six.
(Cafe de la Tour is one of the few places that doesn't close for the afternoon and serves all day.)
And most of the shops were closed for about two hours for lunch.  

The main road through town was also under construction.  They've completely torn the street out so we had to dodge some trucks and jackhammers as we walked through.  
It's going to be beautiful once it's done.  

We walked down to the town hall and through a local park.  
We spent some time at sidewalk cafes soaking up the sun.  
I'll talk a glass of white wine and some vitamin D, please.  

We admired The Burghers of Calais by Rodin.  
It is gorgeous, but I'm distracted by their feet.  Is it just me,  
or has anyone else noticed how disproportionately large their feet are?


And we couldn't resist one last stop at a patisserie for some sweets. 
The pain au chocolat avec creme anglaise was Ah-Ma-Zing! 
Croissant with chocolate AND creme! Heaven in a little paper bag.

Calais is the perfect place to play I Spy, don't you think? 

  We stopped to watch these gentleman play a very competitive game of Boules.

Wouldn't you love to spend a few hours in a cafe with these lovely ladies?  
I can just imagine the stories.

And I spotted this French rogue hanging out by the trash bins.
 He asked if I wanted a peak into his treasure chest and then challenged TE to a dual.  

We had a terrific, relaxing and refreshing day.  Vive la France!
 Thanks for joining me for I Spy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!


P.S.  We're back to London tomorrow and Sugar Bear will be here in 6 days!!  Holy cat, I am so excited!! 


  1. What a fantastic idea to go to France for lunch. Hope you had a great time.

  2. I've never take the time to spend a day in Calais--looks like it would be a fun adventure. Glad the weather was cooperating!

  3. France is a cute place to be isn't it ... we are off there in June and September ... and then next June for our wedding !!!!!!!!!! xxx

  4. France for lunch - I love that!

    Beautiful photos too :)

  5. Your aunt Lois lived over there and saw all the wonderful sites that you are seeing . know your are having a great time . Glad for you love you aunt Ruth

  6. Yes, jumping on the ferry to have lunch in France is pretty cool indeed. I once thought about jumping on a flight from Kuwait to Dubai (UAE) (1hr 20min) to take my wife out to lunch for our anniversary. Kudos to you for being a bit adventurous!

  7. Love that you can do this! It's fun living in Europe, no?! Looks like a beautiful place and a stress-free way of getting there and back, which must have made the day even better. I am jealous of the sun you got to see though!


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