Monday, October 8, 2012

St. Katherine Docks

Based on your responses, my post confessing my troubles with UK appliances hit a nerve.
Thanks so much for your comments, commiseration and suggestions.

I'd also like to apologize for the typos.  Ugh.  It makes me crazy!
No matter how many times I read a post before hitting Publish, 
I always manage to miss some.
I'm so sorry and thank you for reading in spite of them. 

As I type this I am thawing out from an expedition across London in the rain to get a manicure.
I'd love to have a little rant about my trouble getting a good mani/pedi,
but I promised no more rants until I did a Favo(u)rite Things post
which I plan to do later this week.

In the mean time, here are the rest of the photos from my walk over to St. Katherine Docks.
It's a beautiful little spot.  


 We are back from a wonderful weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
I'll be sorting the pictures and posting more later this week.
I also have to tell you about a lovely Bloggers Tea that I attended last week.

I hope you each have a wonderful week.  

Fellow Bloggers, any suggestions for preventing those typos?  Please share. 



  1. Don't worry about the few typos you might make. It's the absolutely beautiful photography that makes me stay on your blog for hours. Thank you for helping this Kentucky woman dream for awhile about a different place and time. You start my day with dreams to fulfill.

  2. Great photos! I've never visited this part of the Thames, but would love to.
    As for typos, I usually see something after I've hit 'publish' too - but I just click edit again and keep on trying...

  3. love the photos - when Jon and I started dating, he lived right around there, so the area has lots of happy memories for me :)

    and I'm with Pauline about the typos! They happen no matter how careful you are, but publish isn't permanent! When I see typos I've made in old posts I go in and edit away. New readers will never know, haha!

  4. I have taken all of the same photos, so until I come over for Christmas, I will just live through you :)

  5. I've never visited this area -- it looks so beautiful!

  6. I love this little corner of London, that I didn't discover until this past year!


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