Monday, January 2, 2012

I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas!

I just realized when I look back on my blog for late December 2011, I will have some stress-induced rants about my crazy neighbor, but no mention of the holidays.   And that just will not do! 

It has been a crazy few months, but the holidays were an oasis in the chaos of this move.  It started with birthday celebrations for my daughter.   Jessica was gifted with her first tattoo… a simple, little heart on her foot to match mine.  It’s so special that we have this visual connection and I hope every time she looks down and sees it, she will remember that she is my heart.  

My Dad visited for a few weeks and my Mom and her husband, Bob came in from Austin for a few nights.  It was the first time my immediate family was all together in quite some time.  

Christmas day at my brother, Philip's house with this crazy, beautiful family was definitely one of my Top 5 on record.   I have a video of Matt and Philip Wii dancing to Beyonce  as evidence of the fun.  We even introduced some British traditions into the festivities with Yorkshire puddings (not really pudding) and Christmas Crackers (not really crackers).  

It was hard, knowing that we would soon be leaving the country and that we all had to say goodbye.  But, it was also a blessing because it made me appreciate it all the more.  I was able to focus on the love and laughter, knowing that it would have to hold me over for a little while.   It made all of the trivial things that come up when families get together irrelevant.  (Admit it… no one knows your buttons better than your family.)

We had a beautiful Christmas this year.  It was everything that a family holiday should be… hugs and kisses, wonderful food, fun presents, hysterical laughter and a whole lot of LOVE… lots of love to hold me over until we can be together again.  

“Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will.”    ~Author Unknown


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