Friday, January 13, 2012

Mind the Gap

When I met this action-adventure accountant, I knew that a move was likely in our future and here we are.  We are on an overnight Continental flight out of Houston to Heathrow.  We are at cruising altitude and the Captain has turned off the seat belt sign.  I’m in mid-step from my life in the US to my life in the UK. 

This has been a challenging experience.  We packed our life into boxes and suitcases. For the first time I can remember,  I have an empty key ring…  no job, no car, no home.  The only key that I have is the key necklace that Matt gave me for Christmas last year. 

Saying goodbye to family and friends was the hardest part of the move.  I’m not ready to blog about that other than to say as the day of departure came closer the lump in my throat became more and more difficult to breathe around. 

But, we are on our way.  We are stepping into a new life in England where we will unpack everything and rebuild... find jobs, a "flat" and get Tube passes.  I will acquire a whole new set of keys as we settle in on this side of the gap. 

Wish me luck, as I'm feeling a bit untethered at the moment.  

(Written January 4, 2012)


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  1. good luck and have a safe flight! You'll be settled in before you know it.


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