Monday, August 11, 2014

L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Market

I'm really hoping that there are at least one or two of you
who've texted your girlfriends and exclaimed "We're going to Provence!"
So, this is what you must to do on Sunday in Provence.

Hop on a train and visit the L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Market.
Its just a short journey from Avignon and a perfect way to spend the day.

Each Sunday the town is taken over by the largest outdoor market in the Luberon area of Provence.
The backdrop of the Sorgue River and several moss covered waterwheels,
amidst a massive food, antique and flea market.
Not to mention cafes, shops and restaurants.  It's all of Provence laid out before you.
Food, wine, bread, olive oil, antiques, cheese, textiles, architecture.  Seriously wonderful.

Even a bit of rain couldn't put a damper on this day, although there was one slight altercation.
I mentioned that we walked out of one French restaurant in Avignon.
In Sorgue, we were actually asked to leave a restaurant!

It was time for lunch so we found a restaurant, sat down, ordered wine (priorities)
and began perusing the menu.  About the time the waitress slammed the closed bottle
down onto the table and walked away, we started to question our choice.
We opened the wine and poured (again, priorities),
only to realize that the menu wasn't going to work for a variety of reasons.

We eventually got the attention of the waitress to let her know
that we weren't going to be eating after all.  Major faux pas.
 We weren't welcome unless we were going to eat.
 Sharing a plate of fries between us was also not an option.

We asked if we could at least finish our wine before leaving which led to a visit
from the big burly chef who encouraged our immediate departure.

 We all stood up and grabbed our glasses.  
You've never seen four women chug down a bottle of wine so fast.
This was followed by 45 minutes of giggling (remember, we hadn't eaten yet)
as we searched for another dining option.

Can't take these girls anywhere.  Trouble in Provence.


Thankfully, Gina is fluent in French or there is no telling how it would have played out.
It actually turned out for the best, because we ended up sitting outside and having the
most wonderful crepes for about half the price.

 Not to mention a titch more wine.  This time enjoyed at a much more leisurely pace.
And sitting down.

I realize that this post has a ridiculous number of photos,
but seriously, Provence is just gorgeous.  I can't help myself.

Throughout our day at the market, we each purchased a bit of food.
Cheese, baguettes, fruit, meats, spreads, sweets and wine.
We ended our day with a massive feast under the stars back at our B&B.

So, there's your Sunday in Provence sorted.

Have you been kicked out of a restaurant before?


  1. Never been kicked out of a restaurant! Although I did have an awful experience with a bad waitress, that prompted me to sing 'woah bodyform' at the top of my lungs at the end of the meal. It was bad behaviour, but it was a random weekend! Your photos are lovely and even though that restaurant sounds awful, it does sound like a fun memory to have!

  2. Beautiful pictures! We have been here before and I loved seeing your pictures, especially the water wheel. Love that you had an even better experience and another bottle of wine some place else and didn't let the mean waitress get to you.

  3. What a fun outing! Great pictures. The "dining" exprience sounds interesting... lol!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Love these photos. Whilst we weren't actually kicked out, we were asked never to return - very raucous work's Christmas lunch!

  5. You guys sound like such rebels ;) I've never been booted quite like that, but I've definitely been persuaded out the door rather quickly. Makes for a great travel story!
    I've been loving all of the photos - they're all so beautiful! It certainly makes me want to put Provence on the list!

  6. Such fun time! And what a weird restaurant. In any case, those are the random things that happen in life that you'll remember for ever.

  7. I have not been kicked out of a restaurant but Rod once led me into the men's restroom in a restaurant. ;-) It's part of our engagement story. I'll have to tell you the whole story sometime. Oh…and YOU can NEVER post too many photos! You have a wonderful eye for composition and bringing the places you visit to life! <3 you!

  8. I've never been kicked out of a restaurant, but my stepmother was so rude to a waitress in Italy (who was being very European in her customer service) that I ended up screaming at my stepmom in a back alley of Bologna on Mother's Day as we found another restaurant to eat at.


  9. Selina, your photos are GORGEOUS! I really want to book a trip to Provence now.
    What a rude restaurant! Ive never been kicked out of a place, but I did leave a place in Barcelona worked out for the best too, found an amazingly authentic tapas place full of locals, great service and half the price!


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