Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Innsbruck, Austria

Onto, the next stop of our Winter Trip!

We had an overnight in Innsbruck and again we focused our short time in the historic city center.
The Inn River flows through the center of town and snow covered mountains surround the valley.

If Zurich is sophisticated and elegant, then Innsbruck is her more colorful neighbor.
The bright whimsical colors don't hide all of the rough spots and wrinkles,
but it's such a charming city.

Pastel colored, medieval buildings line the narrow streets and are full architectural character.

We found the prices in Austria much more reasonable.
And like Switzerland, we didn't have a bad meal.

Take a look and tell me what you think?



Tomorrow I will share our mountaintop experience!

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  1. On our trip there we stayed in the Hotel Innsbruck. We looked out our window each morning with a view of the colorful buildings with the snow covered mountains as a background. I really liked the covered walkways and the day of the markets.

  2. It looks just amazing Selena! Hmmm, Ste and I agree that we definitely need to add this to our to-visit list. What beautiful, beautiful photos!


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