Friday, August 17, 2012

London 2012 The Happiest Place on Earth!

London has given Disneyland a run for its money.  
It has definitely been a happy, wonderful place these last few weeks.

Coming up to the Olympics there was quite a bit of British grumbling... 
about gridlock, game lanes, security, crowded trains, etc.  
But a few weeks before we started to notice a change in air.  

When we flew back into Heathrow after our cruise, the airport was suddenly draped in pink and purple.
There were special lines and kiosks set up.  

And those beautiful rings!

As we walked outside we were greeted with a local choir.  They were fantastic and it was wonderful to see so many people stopping to smile and snap a photo.  I confess, I had a moment.  

The Jubilee bunting was now replaced with 
Olympic bunting that is strung from post to pole.  

This is Shad Thames, our new neighborhood.  It is so full of history!  
Stay tuned for a future post.  I can't wait to tell you about it.  

 This is Hayes Galleria at London Bridge.
We were strolling by and just caught the end of a free concert.  

This is the HMS Belfast.
We haven't visited yet, but it's on our list for when my Mom comes to visit. 

And, of course, this gorgeous bridge.  I just couldn't walk by it without taking a picture.
Several times a day the rings would fold up for a bit.  
Then they would slowly lower to great applause.  

London dressed thousands of volunteers in pink and purple and stationed them around the city to answer questions.  They were friendly and helpful.  
I think London should adopt this plan year round.  They were fantastic!

Large screens were also set up throughout the city.
They were terrific spots to gather for a picnic and to soak up the atmosphere.  
The entire city was just buzzing.  It was so exciting, I can't even describe it.  

Hundreds of thousands descended upon London from all over the world.  

A lot of the countries took over a little corner of the city to set up villages.
We visited the Swiss Village at Burrough Market.  

Swiss chocolate?  Yes, Please!  Too bad the sample I picked up was Wasabi flavored!  Ack!!!

They are very proud of their Roger Federer, as they should be.  
He just won Wimbledon a few months ago.  

The streets of London became one of the most exciting venues for the bike races and marathons.
We headed down to Trafalgar Square to get a glimpse of the Women's Marathon.  

It was hard to get close enough for a picture.  TE held the camera up over the crowd and clicked a few times.
It was exciting to be in the middle of it all.  

Trafalgar Square is one of my favorite places in London. 

The blue boxes in the photo above are the Media boxes in front of the National Gallery.  We could watch as various countries filmed their Olympic Coverage.  

Nelson was looking quite snazzy.
He was wearing a new hat in honor of the festivities.  Don't you love it?

It has been a Great British Summer!   London and Great Britain should be so proud.
They have welcomed the world and been the perfect hosts. 

Hello from the Happiest Place on Earth!

And in honor of I Spy Friday (which I've been sorely neglecting), I was thrilled to see this sight one afternoon from the balcony.  

A Mariachi Band!  It made me so homesick for San Antonio!
Don't you think San Antonio would be a terrific host city for the Olympics?

"Cheerio!" until next time.


All pictures are property of the Selena from Oh, the places we will go.


  1. Loved your slant on the Olympics! I want to keep this happy spirit here in London all through the fall and into the dark days of winter. It's been so much fun! Yes, now that you are settled, let's connect and have a Texas gals lunch. I'll be back that way the second half of September. Are you considering joining the American Women's Club? It's such a great gang of gals!


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