Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cruising the Mediterranean - Part 7 Crete

Cruising the Mediterranean

On Friday we made a quick last stop in Chania, Crete.  We were only in port for a few hours so didn't book any excursions.  We just took the local bus over to the Old Town and Harbor area for lunch and some shopping.  

We had spent several days in the sun and hydration is so important.  In an effort to keep hydrated, I was drinking Gin & Tonics the night before.   (I'm very conscientious that way.)  I might have been over-served just a tad and was in no mood for a photo op. 

Of course TE was very sympathetic to my plight and never once said "I told you so."   (I was considering pushing him in, but he turned around.)

As you can see from the photos, it's a beautiful port.  It's a shame that we weren't there longer.  Crete is definitely on the list for another visit and a longer stay.  

The week went by so fast!  After leaving Crete, we headed North again.  Our formal nights on the cruise were Tuesday and Friday.  Saturday was our second sea day.  We spent the day relaxing and exploring the ship.  

Earlier in the week, we had passed Stromboli, the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean."  TE woke up early to get a picture.  

Stromboli is an island off the coast of Sicily with an active volcano.  It is in almost constant eruption.  And the island is actually inhabited.  It even let out a little puff for TE as we passed by.  

We passed by again later in the week on our way home during the day and took a few more pictures.  

Because we were often close to land, the views from the ship all week were amazing!  We saw the most beautiful sunsets.  

Passing through the Strait of Messina was also exciting.  It is the narrow passage between the tip of Sicily and Italy and is only 3 miles wide and about 800 feet deep.  When a cruise ship arrives or leaves a port a local pilot is brought onboard to supervise.  This was also the case as we passed through the Strait.  

We watched the passage from the Bird's Nets.  Sicily to the West.  

And Italy to the East. It was a pretty tight squeeze!

And that's the end of our Cruise Review.  It was a terrific trip.  Cruising is a wonderful way to vacation!  We can't wait for our next one.  Any suggestions?

What is your favorite itinerary?


All pictures are ours. 


  1. Thanks for sharing all these, your cruise looked wonderful!

  2. What fabulous photos and I just love your witty little tales. I can just image that TE was absolutely gracious in your hungover state! I'm sad that your cruise posts are at an end. :( I'm going to go back and see if any have been missed.


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