Thursday, February 9, 2012

White Windsor Weekend

Last week we visited the lovely city of Windsor.  
We had a lovely time and took some lovely pictures.   
And here is my lovely trip review full of lovely and witty writing.
The Lovely Windsor Castle
Actually, the cold and snow has sucked the life out of me.  
But, because of my imaginary, self-imposed blogging schedule, 
I'm determined to get this post out so I don't get behind. 
(I would hate to have to send myself a memo about my failure to meet a deadline.)

So, this blog will be neither lovely nor witty.  
It will, instead, be short and sweet with visual aids. 
Raiding the mini-bar... Pinot Grigio and Jelly Beans!  It's a party!
We stayed at the MacDonald Windsor.  It was nice.  
Dinner & Drinks at the Cattle Grid.  It was so-so. 
G&T with Ice AND Lemon... very high maintenance.

Beautiful, sunny Saturday to spend exploring Windsor Castle 

We took the extra kitchen tour and were able to visit the semi-private rooms as the Queen was not in residence.  We spent a good 5 hours exploring. 

Queen Victoria Statue, unveiled for her Golden Jubilee in 1857. 
The Round Tower
Of course we got the Audio Tour.  I think this was stop #5.
St. George's Chapel - Henry VIII is buried there.

We saw the Changing of the Guard. 

These young men are soldiers and many have served overseas. 
It was very special to experience.

I love Gargoyles.
Bigfoot playing the bagpipes?

I don't know why, but it tickles me that in proper Britain the signs say "Toilets" instead of "Restrooms."
Lower Quadrant close to the Queens Quarters.
We stopped at the Undercroft Cafe for a scone with jam & clotted cream.  It was nummy!
It was a very cold day, but we avoided the Summer crowds and had a great visit.

And guess what happened on the way to dinner?!!?!?
It started SNOWING!!!  I was very excited... it's been years since I've seen a proper snow. 

We thought maybe we should stock up at the corner store in case we were snowed in.  
That looks good, huh?

Instead, we went to Cumin & Coriander (#1 on Tripadvisor) for 
my very first visit to an Indian Restaurant!  
It was so good!  

We even decided to try a Gurkha Restaurant the next night...  
The Hungry Eye (#2 on Tripadvisor).  
I'm eager to continue my Indian Food education.  

    Because of the snow we stayed an extra day and spent Sunday exploring and shopping.     (Cath Kidson oven mitts!  New Pandora charm - Tea Cup!  Christmas Ornaments, of course.  Oh! and I also found some Fudge PopTarts and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at a Sweet Shop!) 
We strolled over the Thames and explored a little bit of Eton High Street. 
Everyone was enjoying the snow.  
We spied some schoolboys throwing snowballs at the buses as they passed by.  
There were kids making snowmen on the castle lawn 
amidst the "Keep off the lawn" signs. 
Windsor is a beautiful city and I can't wait to go back. 

Greetings from Windsor!

Here's the slideshow.  Cheers! 

And here is a proper lovely and witty Windsor Trip Review  by a fellow expat.  Lot's of great info!


  1. can't wait to go back to Windsor... but when it's warmer! :)

    1. Me, too. I love the shopping there! Unfortunately, Matt will only spend so much time shopping. I'll have to take Jessica when she is here.

  2. "I don't know why, but it tickles me that in proper Britain the signs say "Toilets" instead of "Restrooms."

    It's a bit of a mystery to me why Americans call toilets restrooms or bathrooms (even when there's no bath). Do you think it comes from those "rest stops" you have on your highways or is it just an aversion to the word toilet?

    1. Never thought I'd google "why do they call it a restroom?" but there you go.

      Here is a fun link I found that goes through several words for "Loo"...

  3. I would love to spend five hours exploring Windsor Castle! English history is my favorite :-_)
    And London is without a doubt the best city to sample Indian food... the Indian restaurants there are amazing!!
    Hope you continue to have fun experiencing your new world!

    1. English History is one of my favorite subjects also. I just love going to all of these great places. I recently finished Sex with the Queen by Eleanor Herman. Have you read it? Great book!

  4. Wow, how great! Seems like you had a wonderful time, very jealous! Can't wait to be there one day. Love the photos :) ~Meg,

  5. Thanks, Meg! And the shopping was great!! I would definitely put Windsor on the list.

  6. You captured a bunch of photos I didn't get. Love the gargoyles, and we totally missed the Changing Of The Guard - so glad to see what I missed here ;) Those canned burgers & hotdogs - gross! Thank you for the link. Have a great weekend! XOLaura


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