Wednesday, March 30, 2016 #GloriousNaturalFood

Every Saturday morning, just a block away there is a terrific food market.  We love to wander over for some fish & chips or to buy some fresh cheese.  But some days we just want to stay in bed and can't be bothered.  On those days I always feel a little bit guilty.  I'm just certain that we've missed out on a new merchant displaying something wonderful that I must have.  Now I've found the perfect thing to assuage that guilt.  I can now snuggle under the duvet without that rush of FOMO.  It's a multinational farmers' market, an exclusive food hall and a health food emporium all at the click of a finger.  It's been developed by a team of ex-Amazon e-commerce experts and it's bursting with foodie delights - #GloriousNaturalFood
I was recently invited to a little pre-taster party for the new online market and had a chance to meet the people behind the #gloriousnaturalfood.  A glass of organic, natural Prosecco was quickly placed in my hand.  It was slightly cloudy, light and crisp.  It's bottle-fermented in Italy with no sulphur (so no bubble headache the next day).  Then we were directed to the tables laden with food and more food. #GloriousNaturalFood

Everyone was doing that polite stand around thing as they arrived, but the food was calling to us.  Particularly, that heavenly cheese!  Eventually we were doing exactly what we were meant to do... eating all the Food!   All of it items on offer at #GloriousNaturalFood celebrates natural food and drinks.  Before a merchant is added to their roster, they confirm that the food is made responsibly, sourced sustainably and isn't full of additives... no rubbish.  This is a one-stop shop for everyday staples, the perfect ingredients for that dinner party or special indulgences.  The choices are endless. #GloriousNaturalFood

One thing I love about going to a food market is meeting the people behind the products.  You'll get that same experience on this website.  You can wander around the market and discover all of the stories about the food and the people behind it. Because they want to help connect people to their perfect products, you'll find plenty of team recommendations on the website.  They are extremely proud of the merchants they work with. #GloriousNaturalFood

Matt loved this cheese with truffle.  I could tell from the noises and hand gestures.  All of the cheeses were remarkable. is a marketplace for small and independent merchants, family businesses that aren't able to get their food in every specialist food store or grocery.  You can find them here.  Scroll down to the middle of their home page and start reading about the Featured Merchants.  These people are passionate about food. #GloriousNaturalFood

I could spend hours exploring their site.  So much food, so little time.  Baking ingredients, rice and grains, pasta, sauces, cheese, meats, seafood, snacks and treats.  You can buy from all of these merchants with just one basket and one payment.  The products are then shipped to you directly from the merchants. Those Toast for Cheese slices are irresistible. #GloriousNaturalFood

My favorite thing about the website is the easy filters to help you shop... by price, country of origin, cuisine, and merchant.  But the two best filters are Dietary & Lifestyle (so you can sort by organic or vegetarian) and Free From (so you can shop gluten free or nut free).  It couldn't be simpler. #GloriousNaturalFood

It was soon time to turn our attention from savory to sweet.  Twist my arm.  You can find Gnaw Chocolate from Norfolk on their site which is one of my favs.  I got to try the Banoffee Pie Chocolate Bar which is so yummy.  The Winter Almonds from Big Food Europe were also a treat. Lots of international decadent nibbles. #GloriousNaturalFood

The event was held at Brigade on Tooley Street which I've visited before.  They partner with the charity Beyond Food which offers vulnerable people catering apprenticeships for a brighter future.  Many of the merchants involved with also partner with charitable causes including reforestation projects and wildlife conservation.  You can find these stories on their merchant profile pages #GloriousNaturalFood

We went home lugging this huge goodie bag.  I had to keep Matt out of it until I could take a photo.  Superfood cookie mix, Gnaw chocolate, snack bar made with cricket flour, spirulina nibs, Sunsoul energy drink, sparkling coconut water & vodka, palm juice, raw chocolate bar, chili sauce, and more.  And check out that Jersey Salted Caramel Sauce!  They sell an espresso version.  Just sayin'.  

What's in your shopping cart?


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