Friday, July 10, 2015

Casanova the Camel

I'm currently editing the photos from our week in Egypt.  It was one of our top three trips and I can't wait to tell you more.  

I'll start by introducing you to the handsome Casanova who resides at the Palm Royale Soma Bay in Hurghada.  This was our home base for our trip and it was a great choice.

Casanova is mentioned over and over again in the TripAdvisor reviews of the resort and I was eager to meet him.  His is the most charming camel ever with such a sweet personality. 

He walks up and down the beach with his handler throughout the day, batting his eyelashes and offering rides along the beach. 

Look at that face!  I wanted to bring him home. 

He was always happy to pose for photos.  Especially it you treated him to an apple.  Rumor has it he likes an occasional beer. 

Say Cheese, Casanova.

Look at those eyelashes.  Such a handsome guy.  Every day as he walked by us, Casanova would stop and look to see if we'd brought any more apples. 

He has a few friends that will often accompany him on his daily strolls.  They all live in the stables on the resort property.

On our first day, they told us were expecting a new baby in the stables any day and on our last day, we paid her a visit.  Evita was just a day old and stuck close to momma. 

The proud pappa keeping a close eye. 

Casanova will always be one of my favorite parts of Egypt.  But I have a lot more favorite things to share about Egypt.  

Have you ever been charmed by a camel?


  1. Haha no, but he looks v cute and I'm usually easily charmed by any and all animals.


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