Friday, October 24, 2014

Hillarys at the Harbour

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of the new Global Textures collection from Hillarys
at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel.  It’s a beautiful venue and the event was hosted by Joe Blog Bloggers Network.  
I don’t typically write about design and interiors but I have a hard time turning down events hosted by this group.
They go out of their way to bring bloggers and companies together in an interesting and creative way.
I love to travel and when I heard the collection was inspired by just that, I couldn’t resist.

Hillarys specializes in window dressings and made-to-measure blinds curtains and shutters.
They’ve been transforming homes for over 40 years.
Their newest collection is a collaboration between Hillarys and the home magazine House Beautiful.

The 21 fabrics in three color palettes were all inspired by travel and architecture from around the world.
The design team walked us through the process of inspiration to production.
The collection started off with the idea of the Grand Tour and developed from there.

It was so interesting to see how the travel images really influenced the collection.
Each palette includes a variety of fabrics and textures that all complement each other and they are masters at designing the perfect look.


  I was inspired to make travel a more prominent feature in our home.

How has travel inspired your home decorating?


  1. When we first bought furniture in Sweden we went with the all white look and I am so tired of it now and love all those colors and textures!

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  3. We have way to much black Ikea furniture. And still now couch. We bought one months ago but still no couch! Hopefully soon!!! xo Selena


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