Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Randomness

Hello Lovelies,

I've been really focusing on the travel and review aspect of this blog lately, spending loads of time editing photographs and writing up travel posts.  I'm really excited by that aspect of Oh, the places we will go! and love inspiring others to travel.

But, today I just want to have a little chat.  This is how the blog started and I don't want to get away from that. I don't have any photos ready so I've just decided to show you what's on my iPhone from the past few weeks.  So here's some Monday morning randomness.
Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm'sPimm's Pop Up Summer Garden
British PubLondon Summer
AffogatoRib Night at Kings Arm Pub
Queen's Head Jelly MoldSelena & Gina at Brit Mums Live

1//  Have you seen Great Britain in sports news recently?  Wimbledon.  Tour de France. Such exciting stuff.  I've never really been into tennis, but watching Andy Murray win the Men's Final was so exciting.  We were watching from home and you could hear all of our neighbors cheering.  One rainy day I met a few girlfrends at the Pimm's Pop-Up Summer Garden complete with fake grass and a tree to watch in comfort.

2// Speaking of Pimm's.  Have you tried the new Special Edition Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm's.  It is so good!  Such a refreshing summer drink.

3// And summer is in full swing (I will bite my tongue and not say "finally", even though I just said it.)   I was getting bored with our cold spring, but London does summer so well!  Everyone has a spring in their step and a smile on their face and spends every possible moment outside.  With sunset after 9pm there is plenty of time to enjoy the glorious weather. 

4// Just find a pub with plenty of outside seating and enjoy.  I love, love, love English pubs.  They are like the a second living room.  Families gather for a leisurely meal and a laugh.  The waitresses aren't pushing you to leave quickly so they can turn the table.  Such a great way to spend a day. 

5// Tuesday night was Rib Night at our local when we were living over at Tower Bridge.  The Kings Arm is a great pub and we were there every Tuesday night usually with a group of friends.  I'm so going to miss that.  But I'm sure we will find our favorite in Blackheath.  And I'm sure we will go back for ribs whenever possible.  They were so good and the fried onion strings!!!  So nummy!

6// I'm not crazy about tea so I've started to drink more coffee.  But with this heat, only iced coffee will do.  Or you could try my very favorite coffee treat.  An affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a double shot of espresso poured over it.  So. Frickin. Good.  My friend Gina has a nespresso and I've put it on my wish list. 

7// Speaking of Gina.  My partner in crime is back in Canada for two weeks and I'm missin her like crazy.  She so needs to get back here.

8//  Don't you love this Queen's Head Jelly Mold.  (It's called jelly here not jello.)  Speaking of royals, it's so exciting to be in the UK right now with all of the fuss over the Royal Baby.  Kate was admitted a few hours ago and we are all waiting to see if the new baby is a prince or princess.   

By the way, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in my very first giveaway!  I had such a fun time doing it and was thrilled to contact Andi at My Beautiful Adventures to let her know she had won a personal planner.

I don't plan to do a lot of giveaways on this blog, only when I see something that I really think you will like.  When Chelsea  at Lost in Travels invited me to be involved in this giveaway with a great group of bloggers I just couldn't resist.  Besides the prizes are amazing...  ONA Bowery Canvas camera bag, Little Miss Gee camera strap and a Starbucks gift card.  If you live in the US, be sure to pop over for your chance to win! (Sorry, this one's not international.)

I'm happy to be linking up with Monday Coffee with Molly for our morning chat!

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  1. Thanks for joining in with the coffee chat!

    I am loving the idea of the special edition Pimm's - I must try and find it! I love a good pub meal out (in fact I had one on Saturday) so it is good to hear you like them too! Also, my local coffee haunt does the affagatto - I tried that too and loved it! Summer seems to bring such great foodie / drinky opportunities!

  2. Must…try…New…Pimms…

    I wonder if my mum could resist it until I'm there for Christmas.

  3. I miss pubs! Will you be in Dublin at TBEX? I can't remember if we chatted about this or not!

  4. Your randomness is still quite entertaining to me! Great photos- they look so charming! I would love to try Pimm's too!

  5. I love a bit of random blog chat, especially with photos! I haven't tried the new Pimms flavour, do you think it's just as good as the original?

  6. It's hard not to get excited about the Royal Baby, even being American! We're on the edge of our seats here! It will be interesting to hear about the public reaction in the UK.

  7. Oooooo I do love your randomness, because it means I get to have a quick visit to London, the way you explain things and the way that your capture your photos... I just feel like I'm there with you!
    I've never in my life had an iced coffee, but I do love a cuppa, PG Tips... Sometimes Earl Grey... oh ya.... Please have some of that new Pimms for me.
    Have a great week Selena!

  8. Love Pimms original - it just came to Canada last summer. Now this new version has got me very excited. I hope they bring it here too! I hope Gina is happy to be in Canada for a few weeks. It's home for her, right? It is stinking hot here so hopefully she knows someone with a pool!

  9. Elizabeth MayberryJuly 22, 2013 at 8:09 PM

    i love English pubs too!!! so much!!

  10. My coffee drinking increased exponentially when we moved to the UK. We now have a it! I tried ice coffee right before I left, and it was pretty good. I won't be a regular drinker, but it was nice on a hot day.

  11. I was so disappointed that giveaway wasn't international! I could use a camera bag!

    Pimm's is so great! I had my first introduction a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance yet to try the new kind! Maybe we'll try it out this weekend!

  12. A cousin is coming over from London next month, I'm telling him to put the new Pimms in his suitcase!

  13. ann@travelturtle.netJuly 24, 2013 at 3:13 AM

    No fair, your out of your phone pictures look great!


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