Monday, January 15, 2018

Perast, Montenegro

It's a new year! In recent years, I've done the usual blogger thing.  A post to recap the prior year.  A post to talk about my "word" for the new year and the intentions I've set for myself.  A post to recap the holidays.  A post to lay out my travel plans for the new year.  I always loved the opportunity to look back and look forward.  This year, I'm not going to do that.  It was obviously a rough year.  The past six month have been particularly difficult and I've looked back enough.  I have no idea what the new year has in store and i'm not ready to challenge the fates with a "word" this year.  However, I'm feeling more like myself than i have in ages.  I'm finding my way.  I'm fitting in travel and adventure, while enjoying being so close to my family again. I'm learning the lessons.  I'm laughing again.  I'm hoping the desire to blog again will shortly follow.  But, for today... more photos. 

These photos are from a day trip that I took when I was in Croatia over the past summer.  I went to Montenegro and the last stop of the day was Perast on Kotor Bay.  It was a short stop, so we didn't actually visit the village.  We only had time to ride out to the little man-made island of Our Lady of the Rock to visit the little 17th Century Church. 

At the time, I was heartbroken and wondering what in the hell was I going to do.  With myself.  My life.  My time.  My future.   The sun sparkling on the water calmed me with promises.  Of a full life.  Happy times.  A bright future.  And that I would someday feel like myself again.  I'll never underestimate the healing power of travel. 


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