Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Sweet Boys

So much has been going on since I last posted in early May.  I don't want to get into the details today, but a lot of changes have been happening. I feel like I'm now on the other side (literally and figuratively) so it's time to start blogging again! First things first, I want to show you my grandbabies.  I was in Texas in May for two giggle-filled weeks.  Of course, I took a gajillion photos because just look at those faces!

Michael and Alex are the most gorgeous things I've ever seen, which makes perfect sense as Jessica was and is the light of my life.  She is the best mom and is happiest when she is with these two.  Or maybe when they're both napping. 

With two babies under 21 months, to say she has her hands full is an understatement.  I don't think she has slept in years and she is usually covered in various body fluids. 

I like to call this next photo "payback".  Michael is such a character.  He blows through life like a little tornado. He is so busy and curious and moving and funny and cuddly and wonderful. 

He is so stinkin' cute!!!

He is a little shy when he is out in public, but when he is comfortable at home, watch out!  He cracks me up.  I laughed more in the first hour with him than I've laughed in months. He absolutely loves music and is always making noise.

Watching this little monkey experience life is pure joy.  And now that I'm moving home to Texas, I'll get to see him all of the time!  I cannot wait to be a hands-on Gigi.

"I got important toddler shit to do!"  Jessica has a membership at the zoo, so we loaded them up one day for a visit.  I didn't take any pics of the zoo or animals, just photos of my boys.  I'm okay with that.  Do you know how thrilled I am that Michael likes to wear hats? 

I swear if he asked me for a pony, I would get it for him.  Jessica finally insisted that I stop bringing so many toys into the house.  He turns two in August and we are already planning his party.  There are Pinterest boards involved. 

Then there is this little peanut.  If Michael is a lightening bolt then Alex is a little cloud.  It's funny how their personalities show up so young.  Alex loves to sit back and watch.  He's softer and quieter and so beautiful. 

His favorite thing (besides momma) is to watch Michael.  You should see the way they look at each other.  It literally makes me cry.  They are so sweet together.

Alex is just seven months old and starting to really blossom.  I'm so excited that I get to be around all the time as he grows.  I can't wait to get to know this little nugget. 

My beautiful boys.  I could never have imagined how wonderful it is to be a grandmother.  It's pure magic.  Life has been rough the past few months, not gonna lie.  I didn't expect to be going home without Matthew by my side, but I have so much to look forward to.   It will be difficult to be too sad for too long with my arms full of so much love.  


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