Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Poppin' over to the Continent with DFDS

Things have been so quiet around here, haven’t they? 
Well, I’m back and I'm eager to show you lots of photos
and tell you about some of the great places I’ve visited over the past few months.
I’m very behind on my destination posts.

Sadly, there are no more trips on the immediate horizon
but that just means I have plenty of time to get all caught up.

May and June were all about “popping over to the continent, as you do”
with a trip to Northern France, then  Belgium, quickly followed by a long weekend in Provence. 
Somebody please pinch me.  I still can't get over how easy it is to travel from the UK. 

There are a few ways to get across the English Channel.
We’ve gone via Eurostar and even taken the car over via the Channel Tunnel.

But my favorite way to get over yonder is by sea.  
 I love being on the water, but the thought of being so far under all of that water
in a tunnel makes my scalp tingle.

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

During our recent trip to Dunkirk and Gravelines, we were the guest of DFDS Seaways
and we even got a little bump up to the first class lounge.

We like to take the car with us when we go to France and a ferry is a great way to do that.
With our first class tickets came priority boarding.  So, once we arrived in Dover it was no time before we had the car parked and were settled into the lounge with cocktails in hand.

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

It’s only a few hours to get to France and there are several ways to pass the time.
There are a few snack bars/cafes and a cafeteria style restaurant on board,
as well as lounges where you can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine.
There's a children's play area and a game room.

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

I always like to sneak off to the duty-free shop to browse the fragrances,
cosmetics, spirits and souvenirs.  Matt cringes when I come back with a shopping bag.

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

We both like to explore a bit and then just curl up for some reading near a window.
The first class lounge with its fancy leather chairs and free wifi was the perfect place for this.
We also like to go out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful views.

Dover Dunkirk DFDS Ferries

It's a pleasant and convenient way to get over to Europe with your car
and at well less than £100 round trip, it's usually the most cost-effective way also.

What's your favorite way to pop over to the continent?


 We were the guests of DFDS Seaways for our journey.
  All photos, writing and opinions are my own.
As always, I promise to be open, honest and transparent with my readers.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. I wish it was easier to travel to other countries from Iceland! Would love to take a weekend trip to a different country without dealing without the hassle and expense of flying.

  2. Fantastic post Selena, you are such an inspiration to me with my own blog. You know... I've never been on a ferry to France? I seriously must go. I freak at the thought of the tunnel... If I think about it while I'm on the tubes, that freaks me out too. I'm all about above ground :) I look forward to all of your posts! I still haven't found the time to blog about Ireland and London my last trip... geeze... where does the time go eh? I hope to see you soon,
    Tammy xx

  3. The Eurostar is my favorite! We even took it all the way to Amsterdam last year, but the journey is definitely shorter going to France and Belgium! :) I'm glad to see you're back! I'm looking forward to catching up with all your recent trips!

  4. I love the ferry but now that I've discovered Eurostar, there's nothing better! We used to drive over to Lille but now I think we'll keep doing the train instead.

  5. We're very lucky in England, to be able to escape to easily when the mood hits us!

  6. I am the same as you - I prefer the ferry. It is so exciting onboard - like a mini adventure in itself!

  7. It's a fun option. Especially on a nice sunny day when you can really enjoy the views. Let me know if you try it out. xo Thanks for reading & commenting, Kathleen.

  8. I've started edited the photos. I took so many! It was just gorgeous. I'll start posting next week. xo

  9. But, now I'm addicted! I want to go every weekend!!

  10. Nothing like a nice long train ride. So relaxing and special. I miss you! We need to meet up for coffee again soon. xo

  11. Thanks, Sarah. I do love a Eurostar trip. So convenient and enjoyable. That's how we got to Provence. I always feel like a true European traveler when I'm on a train. xo

  12. Tammy! So sorry it's taken so long to respond. I'm slowly getting all caught up. :D A ferry to France is a nice option to tack on to a trip to London. You can go in a day. You are so right. Time is just flying by! I hope you're having a wonderful summer, Sweet Friend!! xoxo

  13. It must add up when you have to fly every time. But it seems there is so much to see & do in Iceland. I love reading about your explorations. Are you planning some future travels?


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