Friday, February 22, 2013

I Spy Friday and some news!

It's been awhile since I've posted I Spy Friday and I've missed these regular posts.  
It's a chance to check in and share what's been going on this week, no matter how random. 

A reader suggested that I turn it into a regular linky.
What do you think?  Would you participate?

These posts seemed to stop once I went back to work full-time. Suddenly there wasn't much to my week except commute, work and evenings in front of the TV. 

Speaking of which... I have some news. 

Remember when I landed that amazing job after my first London interview?  I couldn't believe how quickly it happened.

I even made you all do the Happy Dance with me.

Alas, it didn't turn out to be exactly what I expected.  

Good organization, nice people but the position was absolutely not for me.  I tried to convince myself to just stick it out, but quickly realized that would never work.  After much fretting and discussion, I decided that it was best to just bow out gracefully while still in my probation period. 

I still have a few more weeks to go.
But in the mean time, I have Fridays off!
Which means that I had some time last week to spend with a new friend.  Gina moved here about six months ago from Canada and I feel like we've been friends for years.

We met up at Covent Gardens and look! 
The eggs are back!!  Remember last year?
I can't believe I'm on my second year here!
(Okay, I'll stop with the exclamation points now.)

We met up at Covent Gardens for lunch at 
I didn't take any pictures of the restaurant
but took about six in the bathroom toilet. Go figure.

I loved the 70's pattern murals on the doors.
And check out Thomas Crapper's Victorian throne, The Venerable.
Definition:  Venerable - Commanding respect by virtue of age, dignity, character, or position.
There you go.

 And I've decided that every toilet should have a wine rack, don't you?
 It will go with my new chandelier.  (I spotted this at All Bar One.)

 After a two hour lunch with much more talking than eating,
we headed over to the Primrose Bakery for a Bloom Gin & Tonic Strawberry Cupcake.
Light and a bit tangy, not too sweet!  Perfectly lovely.

And then, because we weren't quite done with our day,
I took my Canadian friend to the Maple Leaf Canadian Pub for her very first Gin & Tonic.
You can't be an expat in London if you haven't had a G&T. 

The next day, Matt and I went to Leicester Square for dinner and a movie.  Leicester Square is also called Theatreland.  (Whenever you see a big London red carpet movie premiere, it's probably happening at Leicester Square.)

We ate at Chiquito, a Mexican Bar & Grill.
Can you believe this menu? 
Please tell me what is Tex Mex
about this selection?

I think they are confusing Southern with Tex Mex and I have no idea how Peri-Peri sauce fits in.  

I'd never heard of it before moving here.  I thought it was Indian, but apparently it's Portuguese.  Now you know.

Even though it wasn't real Tex Mex, it didn't suck (how's that for a rating system?) and the cocktails were nice.  

After a quick stroll through China Town, we went to see Les Miserable and I got a headache from trying not to ugly cry.  What a fantastic movie!  You have to go see it!  
Again with the exclamation points.  I'll be throwing in smiley faces soon. :)

So, those were the highlights of the last week.

Today, I'm at home again planning how I will be spending my days
now that I'm a lady of leisure full-time underpaid blogger.

And, yes, that is iced tea.  Don't tell Matt as he's banned it from the apartment. 

 We have a trip in April, so I don't plan to start looking for work right away.
 I'm going to take some time off to consider my next move.

I'm also planning to devote some serious time to the blog, writing and photography.
I've discovered something that I really love to do,
so why not see where I can take it.
I realize a few How To for Dummies books aren't going to turn me into a professional blogger or photographer,
but time spent learning new things is never wasted. Right?
Fair warning.  You'll be seeing a lot more of me now.

One last thing, before I sign off...

I'm thinking about planning a Bloggers Lunch in London this Spring.
I was lucky enough to attend two of them last year and they were 
such a great way to make new friends and meet some terrific women.

Would you be interested in joining me?


As usual, this is not a sponsored post.  


  1. Depending on my job situation, I'll join you!! (Aka I'm a bit broke at the moment and looking for jobs but nobody likes me....)
    Love the I spy pics this week! Especially in the bathroom! (Oh dear it feels like I haven't called a "toilet" a "bathroom" in months! Expat problems......)

  2. Would absolutely love to joins bloggers lunch in London as I wasn't able to attend the last fabulous get together at Sketch...I will actually be in the US for 4-5 weeks this spring, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that the dates don't clash...

  3. Oh! Those huge eggs are awesome! You live in such a marvelous city! I'd love to join you for a bloggers tea but, alas, the UK is too far from my Toronto area home!

  4. That is a fun toilet! I'll have to make a note of Jamie Oliver's restaurant. Fun!
    Yeah, that is NOT Tex-Mex! We always loved going to Texas Embassy when we visited the city. Sad that it's gone! You may have heard of it, but our colleagues say Tortillas Restaurant is good. We want to try it. Of course, there is always Chipotle! =)
    Where will your travels take you in April? I love traveling!
    Enjoy yourself!

  5. Is that…a gin and tonic cupcake… for real?

    And it's okay to join us underpaid bloggers. It's fulfilling, if not account-filling ;)

  6. Always love your I Spy features. All in a day in London--fun at every turn. I'll return to London the first of March, so I hope to see the eggs then.

  7. Sorry to hear the job didn't work out, but it sounds like it will be for the best. We tried Chaquito's when we first moved here thinking it would be TexMex. When I saw "duck enchiladas" on the menu, I knew we weren't in Texas anymore. Now we stick with Cantina Laredo or Lupita's in London.

  8. Gin and tonic cupcake sounds amazing!! Also, you can most likely count me in for the get together. Look forward to it! x

  9. Sorry your job didn't pan out Selena, but the good thing as a writer/photographer, you will never lack work because there is always another story just around the next corner. Yes, the British do love a good G & T. Whenever one of my English colleagues invites me "round" for drinks, it's G &T time.

  10. I would love to join a a London bloggers meet up! Assuming I'm still here of course. Good luck on the job front, I'm still looking too. Yay for unpaid bloggers! At least is keeps us busy.:)

  11. Sorry the job didn't work out but well done you for having the courage to recognize it wasn't the right thing. You'll find something even better! I'd be up for a meetup in London, would just depend on when it is. Keep me posted on your plans

  12. I really want to see Les Miserables, but I think I better wait for it to come on DVD, as every single person I speak to says I will cry like a big baby! When I saw your photo of iced tea I thought to myself "Is that ICE? In a glass? In England?"... John buys me Ice when I visit, he knows I can't live without it. What a guy eh?
    I have never seen a little statue of Tower Bridge like the one in the photo either, you'll have to show us all a better photo of it.
    Thank you for your messages on fb about my blog, you know I always have the best intentions to change things up on my blog, but I just don't have time, with unpacking and working and taking care of kids... and I'm back in London for Spring break in less than 2 weeks. Where the heck does the time go Selena???
    Your blog is so awesome, I love your photos... LOVE them!
    Oh hey... How is work going? Do you like your new job? I hope so... Much love, message me sometime on whatsapp xx

  13. I love your I Spy Fridays! Great pic of the eye - so appropriate and what amazing eyelashes! It was such a fun day. I am so grateful to have met you.
    I feel like we have been friends for years too.
    Thanks for the intro to G&T at the Maple Leaf (fun!).
    I am looking forward to further adventures in London with you and I would love to get together with other bloggers.
    Gina xox


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