Sunday, January 8, 2017

Our Key West Honeymoon 2011

Today is a big day in our household.  We are celebrating Matt's birthday as well as our sixth anniversary.  Yep, we got married on his birthday (hoping that he would then never forget our anniversary). Today we are celebrating with a pilgrimage to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool for an FA Cup game.  Matt has been a lifelong fan of The Reds, but has never been to a home game.  He's pretty "chuffed."  Today on the blog I want to share some photos from our honeymoon in Key West, Florida those six years ago. 

Matt and I met at a wedding in Texas and were married three months later. He still makes me laugh every single day and I love him for it.  We honeymooned in Key West, Florida.  We traveled from warm Texas to warm Florida.  However, snowstorms up north were causing trouble in the skies and we ended up having to rent a car and drive down from Miami without our luggage.  "Who needs clothes when you're on a honeymoon?"  Well, you actually do.  Especially in Key West where Cuba is closer than the nearest Walmart. Our luggage finally arrived and we had a wonderful time.  There are a ridiculous number of photos in this post, but I just couldn't narrow them down any further. 

Obviously, I tweak and edit my photos, but that last shot doesn't have a bit of color edit.  The sunset was actually that color.  Gorgeous!  I'm so sorry for not being a proper travel blogger and giving you some more information about traveling to Key West, Florida.  It's a quirky, interesting destination where roosters roam and Hemingway is king.  Definitely add it to your list.  I'm off to a football match with my Englishman.

 "Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love."

Happy Anniversary/Birthday, Dahling!!! 

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